L’Arcobaleno Social Enterprise – Italy

L’ARCOBALENO Social enterprise

Social cooperative L’Arcobaleno is working in Lecce (Italy) and its county since 1984. The enterprise works with an outside highly-qualified team of professionals who do research and work out plans. There are three different sectors working jointly in L’Arcobaleno: cure and rehabilitation, youth policies and social work.

Since 1987 L’Arcobaleno is managing a rehabilitation centre where drug- and alcohol addicted people are hosted and followed by a team of experts in their attempt to get over the drug addiction. This centre is funded by Apulia Region.

In the field of youth policy L’Arcobaleno is managing the cultural community centre Rina Durante in Melendugno The main aim of this centre is promotion of cultural community life, youth policy and education possibilities in order to activate and enrich local community life. Here L’Arcobaleno, supported by local and international networks, organizes regular activities 3-4 times a week e.g. workshops for youth, Italian and foreign language courses, book presentations, concerts , meetings with authors and artists, cultural events etc..

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