Luigi Scarambone – Italy


“Luigi Scarambone” upper secondary school in Lecce (Italy), is made up of two main sectors: services,  industry and artisanship. Each sector supplies various courses; in particular Commercial, Social and Health Services, are available in the Services sector, while the second comprises The Maintenance and Technical Assistance courses with a special sector of optic. A wide range of options and European Qualifications is also available.

Scarambone consists of morning school (I-V), school for workers (III-V) and hospital school with a population of about 670 students , 80 teachers and 16 employees.

The age of attending students ranges from 14 in the morning school to over 50 in the school for workers.

It is equipped with professional laboratories, multimedia laboratories and also an indoor and outdoor gym.

We are sure that our mission, digital classes, new technologies and learning by doing represent a solution to  drop-outs and failures since they offer a huge contribution to the growth  and the improvement of life skills and competences.  We are so seriously  involved in this challenge that most of us also experience less formal training courses as Outdoor Education or Peer Education so as to be more effective on learners.