What is the APS-project?

The Addiction Prevention in Schools Erasmus+ Project is a co-operation between Norway, Belgium and Italy. School staff in these three countries noticed that a number of students drop out and thus leave school without a secondary school degree, leaving them with less opportunities in life. The reason for this drop-out seemed in a number of cases to be the consequence of addiction problems.

Group Photo of the Partners.

The partners in the project worked together in order to develop new perspectives on ways in which schools and educators try to prevent students from developing addiction problems and drop-outs because of addiction problems. They also found out how well their own staff knew about the ways to detect and handle these problems. Finally, they developed a website where everyone interested in the same matter can find information on the subject that is already at hand (selftests, informational sites), can test the knowledge of their own staff by making use of the survey and can find information on the best practices of each of the partners so that they can implement these practices in their own school or institution.

The partners in this project were chosen through a fairly long process in which the focus has been to find reliable and competent partners. The three partner countries are diverse and have different approaches to addiction related to work and education. Combining the knowledge from Italy, Belgium and Norway resulted  in a broad perspective on the problems, their prevention methods and ways of dealing with the problems.

Over a period of three years, the partners have met in six transnational meetings and numerous local (national) meetings discussing problems, detection methods and prevention. During the transnational meetings they visited the respective partners so that they could experience the best practices of each country. During these other partners have sometimes been involved to share their expertise.

At the end of the three-year partnership the Fosen Videregående Skole, the Health and Family Department of Ørland municipality (Norway), de Sport- en Handelsschool Turnhout, de Preventiedienst Stad Turnhout (Belgium), L’Arcobaleno Società Cooperativa Sociale, Polo Professionale Luigi Scarambone en Azienda Sanitaria Locale Lecce (Italy) would like to offer you a view on who they are, what they learnt throughout the project and how these new insights have influenced their work.