How too use the survey instructions:

How too use the survey instructions:

Making a copy of the survey:

1. Too use the survey you must have a google account. (It’s free) If you already have a google account  login or create a new account.

2. Go back to the survey link page, and click on the desired survey language.

3. When asked if you want to COPY the form into your Google account. You press YES / OK.

4. You would now find your copy of the survey, in your “Google Forms Account“. You are now done.

Editing the survey:

1. If you want to edit any part of the survey, you just need to push/click on any part of the survey and it would become available for you.

Conducting the survey (see download conduct the survey for illutration):

1. Press the send button up in the right corner

2. Press the icon in the middle (link icon)  and you would get a link to your survey.

3. Now copy your link and paste it into your email software and conduct the survey.

(Download Conduct the survey PDF)


How to view collected survey:

1. Sign in to your google account and sign in to the survey. (Google Forms Account)
2. On your questionnaire you will see your questions. At the top center of the screen. Find two buttons, marked Question and Answer. Press the ANSWER button.
3. Your answers to the survey will now appear.