Ørland Kommune – Norway

Ørland municipality, The Resource Service

Substance abuse, mental health and prevention – for children, adolescents and adults

The municipality of Ørland is a small municipality in the county of Sør-Trøndelag, in the middle of Norway. Ørland has about 5300 inhabitants, and the main industries are agriculture, commerce and public services. The Resource Service is a part of the municipality's Department of Health and Family and we build our work on systemic practice and understanding. We provide help and services to people with mental health problems, substance use and misuse and general social problems. A team of 8 people is the core of this work, both at the individual and system levels. This involves treatment, outreach and follow-up as well as information work and preventive activities.

Employees are the most important resource of the service. They have extensive expertise in

substance abuse, mental disorders, preventive measures and treatment. Employees also have a

good overview of collaborators, and knowledge of interdisciplinary cooperation.

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