Sport en handelsschool Turnhout – Belgium

Sport- en Handelsschool Turnhout

The Sport- en Handelsschool Turnhout is a secondary school with studies in sports,
economics and graphics at all levels. We are a broadminded school open for dialogue.
We offer all of our students and personnel maximal deployment opportunities without
discriminating on ethnical and cultural background, political or religious conviction. We
have great consideration for the challenges that diversity in our society poses.
We strive for qualitative education and coach our pupils as efficiently as possible in
their study- and living attitude. We value good study results highly but consider a
correct attitude in life and the well-being of pupils equally important.
Therefore we also pay attention to a healthy active lifestyle, which includes having
attention for regular physical activity and mental balance and offering the pupils the
opportunity to access healthy food in school. Addictions do not fit the picture here,
therefore we try to raise awareness about them in order to prevent pupils from
developing them.